By: Wid Eriksen



For years I had wanted to design a backpack that is specially adapted to my needs of movement and effectiveness, after many years I finally managed to design my first backpack suitable for all types of movement and urban ninjas.

It was a very long search process for materials and investigating for what was really needed to have a backpack. Once I had the most necessary and the right ideas I started designing backpacks, small, large, different styles, until I drew something that really got my attention ...

Once I had the design that really caught my attention it was a very long search to find someone who could take my design and turn it into reality. Every attempt in each place the people always told me: "I'm sorry we do not do backpacks" "No" "That can not be done" "We need a sample" "You have to go to the factories" and so on for almost 5 years. Until finally I found someone who said: "Of course, I can do it, and I offer you the best", a young man in a small little shop of 2 meters by 2, willing to bring my vision to life, without further ado, we began to make many tests and errors ...

After weeks and many hours of work, effort and modifications to make one of the best options for all practitioners of urban disciplines, street ninjas and especially Parkour practitioners out there, in search for quality and unique design, ¡we finally achieved it!

I know that for being the first backpack that I designed it still has many details to solve, I know that many people will say: Why no more smaller, why like this, why the pins, why this and that. Making a backpack is nothing easy and more when you always want to offer the best of the best, this backpack is not manufactured in a factory, it is handmade and therefore the cost is a little higher than if it were made in a factory. The materials are the best we could get, it has a reinforced zipper and seams and buckles to increase security (clips as well). It has a unique and personalized style and our WM logo is camouflaged to give that style "in the shadows" ...

I have put too much time, effort and money into this project so I can offer you a quality product with a unique style.  I really hope you like it and show some love by purchasing this product.